BrandSmart: A Formal Education in Building Smart Brands

We transform busy marketing professionals into confident Brand Strategy Experts by teaching them a proven, step-by-step branding process. We teach our process exclusively to marketing professionals, including in-house and external agencies (design, advertising, public relations, interactive, and marketing), colleges and universities.

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Transforming Busy Marketing Professionals into Confident Brand Strategy Experts

The BrandSmart Process has helped build brands like Whole Foods Market, New York Life, USAA, several non-profits, numerous Consumer Product Goods (CPGs)—and even one Episcopal seminary.

Without fail, our process will:

  • Turn your strategy process into an actionable plan with defined deliverables
  • Ensure your account planning process aligns with your clients’ business strategy
  • Produce a unified executive brand vision for you and your clients
  • Bring you and your client into agreement on marketing communications strategy
  • Ensure creative is ALWAYS on target
  • Produce additional revenue for your agency
  • Build a stronger agency-client relationship
  • Allow you to differentiate your agency and services from your competition
  • Save your agency time, money and resources