• "I can’t thank you enough for what I’ve learned..."

    -John Tanner Executive Director Test Sense
  • "The BrandSmart process is perhaps the clearest, most effective way for any organization to improve their ROI on all subsequent marketing communications...Your organization will never be the same again. And that’s a very good thing."

    -Steve Calkins Partner/Creative Director Breeze Marketing
  • "There is no (one) out there that has the creative mind and brand development expertise like Shannon. If you don't believe me, spend 30 minutes with him and you'll agree."

    -Phil Mattia Director of Marketing Dolce International
  • "We...have been very impressed with the way (Shannon) is able to engage every employee he talks with in the process, and pull information and ideas out of each of them that makes the (the process) better. Very personable, creative, and professional."

    --Karen Bruett Director of Marketing CCSSO

BrandSmart has Helped to Build These Leading Brands: Whole Foods Market, New York Life & USAA.

BrandSmart is a codified, structured, defined, replicable, step-by-step brand strategy process. It works because it produces a unified brand road map for you, your team and your clients.

BrandSmart is anthropological in nature, meaning it often leads to cultural and operational efficiencies for you and your clients. It also produces the cornerstone belief system that motivates your team and your clients to start thinking like a brand.

BrandSmart is not a magic bullet, secret media formula or marketing gimmick. It is a defined five-stage process (Learn, Analyze, Imagine, Act, Manage) that takes research, commitment, hard work and dedication. The end result will unite you and your client in a common belief system, guide the creative process, inform account and media planning, maximize budgets, minimizing mistakes and guesswork, and build your organization into a branding powerhouse.

BrandSmart was developed over the past 20 years by Shannon Carter and his team. It works for emerging and established companies, non-profit organizations and consumer product goods. BrandSmart produces tangible results by capturing a unified brand vision and helping translate that vision into meaningful brand messaging through all communication touch points, including advertising, design, marketing communications, interactive and social media.