BrandSmart: Transforming Busy Marketing Professionals into Confident Brand Strategy Experts.

By the end of our three-day session, you will be a confident BrandSmart strategy professional. You will acquire the skills, tools, process and confidence to lead your client or organization through our proven process. To ensure your success, you will have unlimited access to our strategy consultants.

What You Will Learn…

Valuing YOUR Branding Services (BrandSmart):

  • Selling strategic creative, not just a portfolio
  • Turning your strategy process into an actionable plan with defined deliverables
  • Defining your brand strategy in a “statement of work”
  • Avoiding the RFP Trap
  • Building a brand strategy your clients can afford
  • Brand definitions
  • Brand architectures

The importance of putting together a branding taskforce:

  • Who should be on your taskforce and (more importantly) who should not
  • What to expect from the taskforce and what commitment they are making
  • Trust—the first step in building a stronger client bond

Taskforce Stage 1—Learn:

  • Finding quality secondary research
  • Conducting quantitative research
  • Conducting qualitative research
  • Understanding your clients’ goals. NO…their REAL goals
  • Acquiring competitive brand materials
  • Experiencing the brand from the outside
  • Other brand immersion techniques

Taskforce Step 2—Analyze:

  • Making sense of the collected data
  • Documenting the “key impact triggers”
  • Presenting the research to the taskforce
  • Presenting competitive materials
  • Presenting general brand, messaging and business observations
  • CLIENT DELIVERABLE #1—The Brand Executive Summary

Taskforce Step 3—Imagine:

  • Scheduling the taskforce workshops (where and when)
  • Preparing for the taskforce workshops
  • Guiding (not leading) the taskforce workshops
  • Documenting the workshops
  • Proven ways to get more information…and to kill the meeting
  • Working on the brand platform (independently and in groups)
  • Practice presentations and feedback
  • Presenting the brand platform to the taskforce (the power of additional workshops)
  • Using the Brand Value Pyramid
  • Building the Ideal Customer Model
  • Building the Brand Messaging Toolbox
  • CLIENT DELIVERABLE #2—The Brand Platform

Taskforce Step 4—Act:

  • Bringing the brand platform to life
  • Bridging the gap between business strategy and creative execution
  • Building the Brand Touch Point Map
  • Brand management tools
  • Brand Culturalization Plan(s)
  • Using the Brand Messaging Toolbox
  • Building and using Brand Usage Manuals
  • Translating the Brand Platform into advertising, online and social media, marketing collateral, brand collateral, marketing communications, sales collateral

Taskforce Step 5—Manage:

  • Building a brand management plan
  • Brand metrics
  • Success criteria
  • Building branding best-practices